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Individual Contributors

It takes deliberate, well thought-out strategies to become a people leader. If you are facing a glass ceiling at work and lost about how to get to the next level, we should talk. Showing up differently is the key to showing your boss you are ready for the next level. We can work together to develop tangible steps to make that happen, then celebrate together when you get there!

People Leaders

So you've managed a team of people for a long time but now you feel stuck at the manager/director level. How do you become a Vice President? Or even higher? How do you improve your team members while making your boss look good? This is all a juggling act that we can tackle together with specific and concrete steps.

Time For A Promotion

How do you negotiate your new salary? How much are you worth? Are you paid as much as your peers? Let's prepare you for these stressful conversations so you triumph and get the salary you deserve!

A Process that Gets Results


Let's talk and understand the current state of affairs.


Based on your feedback, we will present options and alternatives on a path forward.


You decide the path forward and the level of engagement.
Our plan can be as simple or comprehensive as needed. We are here to serve you.


I like to win. So I am results based. If you do not win, then I should not win.
And that is the methodology of my business and pricing model.

Healthcare Thought Leadership

We can make our healthcare system work for everyone in a more equitable way. We can end healthcare disparities and implement innovative ideas to make sure everyone has equal access to high quality care. I can share how.

Mentorship & Leadership

We need more people of color in leadership positions. Our country will be better off and companies that are more diverse have proven to be more profitable. So let's have a conversation about how to do it. How long do you want to wait for greatness?

Types of Speaking Engagements

Panel Discussions

Healthcare Economics, Social Determinants of Health, Health Equity,
Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid, Health Policy,
COVID-19 Pandemic, Healthcare Costs and Health Innovation.


High School and College Graduations, Healthcare Conferences & Panels,
Leadership Conferences & Panels, Mentorship Conferences & Panels,
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conferences & Panels,

Board Recruitment

Your board sets the tone. How do you know if you have the right team for the moment you are in? With more than 15 years of board experience, I can lead the way to develop a board that brings you “Level 5” leadership.

Board Engagement

Once your team is in place, keeping them engaged becomes a priority. We can help with proven strategies and activities that increase retention rates. Let's talk!

Board Development Expertise

Board Development

Needs assessments, By-Laws, Recruitment strategy, and Fund development.

Board Engagement

Board retention, satisfaction, referrals, and culture.


“When you stop growing, you start dying” — Lou Holtz. So let's grow together. We can help you assess your market, find differentiation in your strategy, and help you execute your plan. Everyone has good ideas. We specialize in good ideas becoming realized achievements.


A company's mission, vision, and cultural values set the tone for the organization. We can help you make sure the ethos of your company is well positioned for the 22nd century. A company must emote diversity, equity, inclusion, a high-performance culture, positive morale, and transparency. That's our sweet spot.

What Execution Looks Like

Strategy & Execution

Let's identify problems. Let's solve problems. Let's celebrate the results.